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  1. Tuzuru
    And I just cry myself to sleep. I know I shouldn't cry. Over words that were all lies. But still I cry myself to sleep. Each night I fight the tears. But still they fall. And all the memories linger on. He's gone he's gone. And now there's nothing but to cry.
  2. Taran
    Mar 13,  · It was really devastating to all of us; I cried myself to sleep.” The Pioneers were prepared to compete and prove they were one of the best teams in the country, but that opportunity is no longer.
  3. Zuluzilkree
    Jan 04,  · "I cried myself to sleep last night. We started changing things, I got in touch with the venue, starting sorting out the dresses, and it all became real that it's actually not going to happen in.
  4. Voodoomuro
    There is a certain kind of girl who cries herself to sleep. She’s not the girl you’re thinking of – the meek, the weak, and the always helpless one. No, those girls always find comfort. It’s almost like the shoulders of love were built for those girls to cry on. Perhaps they cry from time to time like any other girl.
  5. Zululmaran
    Cry yourself to sleep. Actually, that's still as pussy-ish, but it's not as cowardly as jumping out of a three-story window and then pulling the parachute you put on your back just in case you change your mind mid-jump and want to continue living your horrible existence.
  6. Meztizuru
    I cried myself back to sleep in disbelief. In the days that followed, I decided I had to do more next time to ensure we would get the result I had dreamed of. I was proud to be part of the 45%, and continue to dream of the day when we get the result that I know for sure is the best one for the people of Scotland.
  7. Akijar
    I’ve cried myself to sleep – Azziad Nasenya opens up on her struggles as she was being bullied online The internet sensation has however, opened up on how tough it was on her side when the trolls wouldn’t stop attacking her, revealing that she would cry herself to sleep, because she couldn’t take it.
  8. Ganos
    cry (oneself) to sleep 1. Literally, to cry until one falls asleep. I was so upset after the funeral that I cried myself to sleep. 2. When used figuratively, this phrase indicates that one is very upset about something. It is often said sarcastically.

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