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  1. Mushura
    May 23,  · According to legend, he leapt from his seat and shouted, "That's my thunder, by God! The villains will not play my play but they steal my thunder." Big Questions Origins etymology History linguistics.
  2. Kehn
    Sam stole my thunder when he said he’d done all the work. It’s not true – I did most of it!
  3. Mektilar
    Oct 03,  · The brilliant story of a defining meeting which not many know about. After being kicked out of Apple, Steve Jobs started his company NeXT, and it was during this phase he came across Pixar Animation Studios. Jobs loved their work and showed a keen.
  4. Zulmaran
    steal (one's) thunder. 1. To garner the attention or praise that one had been expecting or receiving for some accomplishment, announcement, etc. My brother is the star athlete of our high school, so no matter what I succeed in, he's constantly stealing my thunder.
  5. Tygomuro
    steal sb's thunder definition: 1. to do what someone else was going to do before they do it, especially if this takes success or. Learn more.
  6. Nejin
    所謂偷走別人的雷聲 steal someone's thunder, 實際上意思是竊取別人的成果和榮譽從而達到利己的目的。 例句 Sam stole my thunder when he said he'd done all the work.
  7. Dojar
    Who Stole My Thunder poem by Cee Bea. Who stole my Thunder How did it get away Lightning has not seen it.
  8. JoJokus
    Define stole thunder. stole thunder synonyms, stole thunder pronunciation, stole thunder translation, English dictionary definition of stole thunder. to take the property of another without permission: Did he steal your purse? steal someone's thunder to detract from the attention due to another by forestalling him or her. 9. steal the show.

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