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  1. Zutaur
    But the quartet doesn't compose or perform like elder statesmen: ''International Bullet Proof Talent'' and ''Endless Summer of the Damned'' are as spry and visceral as its first material. If the band had released a bunch of meandering albums during the past 25 years, you might call ''Go Away White'' a /5().
  2. Bazshura
    Throw in the production and feel of the album, along with the drum work of Kevin Haskins, and Go Away White picks up where the Bauhaus left off, even while carving out something new for the band, too. It amazes me that this CD of ten songs was recorded in only 18 days, and it makes me wish that Bauhaus hadn't made it the band's official swan song.
  3. Nale
    ‘Adrenalin’ follows a similar route, as does ‘International Bullet Proof Talent’, albeit with more creditable lip-curling cool clinging to a wiry exterior. In between, ‘Undone’ demonstrates more than a passing Joy Division atmosphere and equal helpings indebted to Bowie (the latter previously covered, to some success, by Bauhaus).
  4. Meztilabar
    Jan 16,  · This time, Bauhaus did make a new album, their first in over 20 years, one that mocked the idea of goth by eschewing post-punk-dark trademarks for a streamlined, diverse modernity. ‘International Bullet Proof Talent’ bordered on industrial/ danceable (complete with female backing vox) just as ‘Zikir’ bordered on ambient trip-hop.

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